Welcome to!

Welcome to!

The Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project is pleased to welcome you to our new online portal. This site will allow for easy access to the 40 indicators, derived from nearly 200 separate measures, of regional health and well-being that the Indicators Project has been tracking since 1999.

The content you’ll find here is substantially similar to that in our 2012 Data Report, the eighth edition of the printed volume the Indicators Project has produced since its inception. Going forward, we anticipate that this online platform will become the primary venue for the Indicators Project, allowing for continual updating with the most current data and interpretation.

We’ve designed the site to allow users to easily find and share the indicators that help them convene conversations and drive decisions about the future of Central Texas. We’re already planning for future enhancements that will allow individuals and organizations to customize their own indicator sets, explore the underlying data sets dynamically, and over time contribute their own validated data to make the Indicators Project a robust, useful and credible resource.



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