Job Availability

Job Availability

Unemployment Rate by County

  • Unemployment spiked following the economic crisis of 2008, and rates in Central Texas continue to be high. Rates in Bastrop and Caldwell counties have risen higher than surrounding counties.
  • As of August 2012, the Austin-Round Rock MSA unemployment rate was 5.9%, down from 7.1% one year earlier. Overall, Central Texas is faring better than the state and the nation, which have unemployment rates of 7.0% and 8.2%, respectively.

Unemployment Rate by County

Perception of Equal Access to Jobs

  • Continuing a 2008 trend, fewer people believed they had equal access to job opportunities as others with similar skills in 2010, likely due to reduced employment prospects since the recession.
Perception of Equal Access to Jobs

Survey Question: Compared to other people in our region with the same education, skills, and interests that you have, do you feel you have equal opportunities to get the kind of job you’d like to have?

Emerging Occupations

  • The charts below show emerging occupations for Central Texas, ranked first by the total annual number of projected new jobs created in that occupation, and then by average annual salary. Economic development efforts typically focus on high-paying, prominent industries (“primary” or “key” industries and occupations), yet the majority of employment growth is typically in secondary occupations that follow or result from the growth in primary occupations. Secondary occupations are often lower paying than primary jobs.

Emerging Occupations


Unemployment climbed to record highs across Central Texas during the recent recession, and has persisted at high levels.


Central Texans have satisfactory job opportunities.


Because the greatest job growth is typically in low-paying occupations, regions interested in sustainability must plan for growing disparities in social equity. The difficulty for any region is not just in how to attract more primary jobs, but also to understand and plan for secondary job workers’ needs for affordable child care, health care, housing, and transportation.


Perception of Job Skills by Race/Ethnicity

Help Wanted Index

Employment by Race/Ethnicity

Distance to Work


The unemployment ratio is the ratio of the number of unemployed persons to the total civilian labor force Unemployed persons are those who are available for work and who have made specific efforts to find employment.

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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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