Education & Children

Education & Children

Our public education system is a gateway for almost all children in our region to prepare themselves for success in life. Our communities are obliged to ensure that system provides a safe and high-quality education to all children enrolled, a consistent and equitable assessment of what they learn, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing demographics to best achieve equitable outcomes for all students.

Research shows that quality child care in the first years of life has a lifelong impact on an individual’s physical, mental and social development. Providers, families, and public-sector budgets continued to be challenged to provide affordable quality care for the region’s children.

Academic performance, as often assessed through standardized testing, is the most broadly used determination of quality and equity. Differences in academic performance by campus and by school district often mirror other economic and land use patterns.

The higher education system is a gateway for youth to the full range of employment opportunities as well as an economic driver for the entire region.