Child Care: Quality

Child Care: Quality

Accredited Child Care

  • The number of child care facilities providing a higher level of care and instruction (than minimally required to operate) is relatively stable according to data from Texas Rising Star, National Association for the Education of Young Children, and National Association of Family Child Care. Note: The data below is an unduplicated count.
  • The percentage of all child care facilities that are accredited remains less than 10%. The capacity of the accredited facilities is consistently more than 10% of overall child care capacity (enrollment availability).

Accredited Child Care

Wages for Child Care Workers

  • The typical wage of a child care or preschool worker is significantly lower than the overall wage rate for the region.
  • Wages do not directly correlate with quality of care, but highlight the challenges of maintaining affordable prices for care and retaining child care staff.

Wages for Child Care Workers

Perceptions of Care

  • The 2010 CTSIP Community Survey reveals a continued decrease in “reputation” as a key characteristic in care givers’ consideration of a child care facility.
  • Among the dramatically higher number of “other” responses, 23% specified “safety” or “security” characteristics, while another 19% specified “trustworthiness.”
  • The value of curriculum and staffing in childcare facilities as a major deciding characteristic continues to decline.
Perceptions of Care

Survey Question: What is the most important characteristic you look for (or would look for) in selecting a provider outside of your home for your child?

  • For those in the Community Survey who had experienced child care problems, finding affordable or off-hours care is a decreasing concern, while transportation is a slightly increasing concern.
  • Note: Survey questions fielded to 279 respondents reporting at least one child six years or younger in household.
Child Care Problems

Survey Question: Have you had any of these child care related problems during the past two years?


The importance of the quality of child care still appears to be varied yet low for parents/guardians.


All children and families in Central Texas have access to high-quality early education, child care, and family support.


Research shows that quality child care in the first years of life has a lifelong impact on an individual’s physical, mental and social development.

The costs of maintaining accreditation for a facility, and of retaining quality workforce, continue to be a challenge for providers – especially as more families seek more creative and affordable child care arrangements.


Location of Child Care

Proximity of Family

Household Income


Accreditation and even total number of facilities can vary greatly during the year, even by season. Analyses can be affected depending on the time data is gathered.

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