Safe Families

Safe Families

Family Violence

  • Bastrop and Burnet counties recorded a sharp increase in reported intimate partner violence in 2009.
  • Travis County, which from 2004 to 2007 saw increasing rates of reported intimate partner violence, has now seen decreased rates for the third year in a row; the same trend holds true for the region.
  • These data only reflect reported incidents of domestic violence.

Family Violence

Elder Abuse

  • Elder abuse generally refers to complaints related to the care or assistance of adults with disabilities or seniors over 65 years of age.
  • All Central Texas counties have had fluctuating rates of elder abuse over the past several years with Travis County consistently having the highest rate – perhaps in part due to the much higher number of facilities, and higher population of elders in care, in Travis County.

Elder Abuse

Child Abuse

  • The most rural counties – Burnet, Bastrop and Caldwell – consistently have the highest rates of reported child abuse, perhaps in part due to lower numbers of children and actual incidents.
  • Perhaps more disturbing than confirming a child abuse victim is having that same child become a victim again. One in six – 16% – of the children in Central Texas removed from abusive environments in 2006 were reconfirmed as victims by 2011 (an improvement from nearly one in five children in 2009).

Child Abuse
Child Abuse - Victims within 5 years


While trends in safe families are stable, disturbing levels of domestic violence and abuse remain an issue.


Central Texas is a community in which all persons live in a safe home environment.


Even more destructive than violent crimes to the fabric of individual or community life are domestic violence crimes – those typically occurring within what should be the safe harbor of one’s home and own neighborhood.

Our aspirations to sustainability will always be tethered to our ability to keep our children within safe families.


Youth Offenders

Children in Shelters


Family violence is defined as all reported crimes committed against a family member related by blood or marriage.

Texas Dept. of Public Safety

TX Dept. of Family Protective Services