Social Equity

Social Equity

Quality of life is lessened if the cost of living keeps a family constantly at the edge of its means. Sustainability is concerned with achieving a balance so that meeting one’s own basic needs is within reach of everyone.

Home ownership traditionally signifies economic stability and is also a key driver of land-use patterns. In addition, opportunities for home ownership have a great deal of symbolic power for communities and emotional impact on residents. However, rental housing meets the bulk of the region’s need for affordable housing.

Housing patterns in our region, as well as our nation, historically reflect deep division by race/ethnicity that has shaped land use, education, public safety and many other issues. Efforts continue both to understand why inequities persist, in our personal perceptions as well as a community, and how to resolve them.

Embodied within equity and engagement is the idea of trust that elected leaders fairly represent all those whom they represent. Measuring the efficacy of leadership is difficult and can often only be served through qualitative assessments of how values are shared and exemplified through leadership and action.

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